After-sale service:

The company set up multiple after-sales service network throughout the country, after-sales service engineers and technical personnel have been professional training, maintenance team, equipped with engineering vehicles, solely responsible for equipment maintenance and repair work.

1Free warranty period: one year

During the warranty period, provide free vulnerability spare parts, consumable and free replacement, patrol, daily maintenance, the establishment of a garage operation records and record content), casual inspection maintenance (use temporary in the process of inspection and maintenance), regular inspection and maintenance (set inspection cycle), monthly inspection and maintenance (cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and check), season inspection and maintenance (the transmission parts: drive motor, drive shaft, drive chain, lifting chain, guide pulley, guide rail, lock, safety equipment to conduct a comprehensive inspection and adjustment and maintenance), annual inspection and maintenance (responsible for annual inspection for the first time, equipment and related testing unit signed inspection report), the major quality problem, the warranty period the company responsible for finding out the root cause and problem free replacement parts, until to achieve acceptance criteria. As a result of error such equipment damage caused by human reason, be absent, the free appraisal error resolution by relevant technical notarization department;

2Provide 7 * 12 full time technical services

Namely, 7 days/week, 12 hours/day, all-weather, the whole time opened after-sales service center telephone: 020-62321787. Equipment is abnormal, to answer questions within 30 minutes after receiving repair service, sent rescue teams to the scene to repair pit 2 hours;

3Equipment before delivery, our company for the expensive unit training several operations and maintenance personnel free of charge, and provide the relevant training materials for f...

(for users in the garage equipment use and maintenance of technical reference). The user access on a regular basis, to introduce the user to garage equipment for the development of new technology, new technology of software, to improve the operation of the users in the use of mechanical garage equipment, maintenance management level. In view of the user selected models, timely feedback to the user related the latest control technology, a free upgrade control software.

4The company with free warranty period expires maintenance contracts, by the company to provide comprehensive technical support services.

No matter in the regular service or temporary repair, system by professional maintenance personnel for manipulation, garage management personnel should pay close attention to the system state and maintenance process, and keep in touch with maintenance personnel. Specific maintenance mode can be divided into: 1, the whole package: equipment maintenance fee of 50 yuan per month/parking Spaces, including for everything for the equipment failure, damage and the standard function of all the equipment parts replacement and maintenance. 2, clear package: equipment maintenance fee $25 a month/parking Spaces, only including the maintenance of the equipment (check, butter), all equipment failure and damage, we only provide artificial, the corresponding accessories to buy.